Theia Hofstetter

----- Council President ----- Committees: Christian Education, Long Term Planning, Policy and Procedure
Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

------Acting Vice President----- Committees: Fellowship, Mutual Ministry

Barb Andrews

---------- Secretary---------- Committees: Youth Ministry, Mutual Ministry
Ken Burd

Ken Burd

Committees: Property, Mutual Ministry, Personnel
Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell

Committees: Worship, Policy and Procedure, Mutual Ministry, Personnel

Barb Eberly

Committees: Christian Education, Personnel, Long Range Planning

Carol Faiola

Committees: Child Protection, Evangelism

Earl Hummer

Committees: Intern Management, Mutual Ministry

Sally Shope

Committees: Social Ministry

Denise Snyder

Committees: Finance, Personnel

Joseph Szymanski

Youth Representative

Ted Willoughby

Committees: Property, Mutual Ministry

Pam Wolgemuth

Committees: Stewardship