History of Christ Lutheran Church – Elizabethtown, PA

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church traces its roots back to the 1740′s when Lutherans, German Reforms, and Moravians came together for worship in the area of Milton Grove. Lutherans came to the East High Street location in 1771 and from that time forward have been worshipping at the exact location that Lutheran Christians worship this day.
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, is a congregation of the Harrisburg Conference of the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Help us rediscover our past by offering your knowledge of the Church’s history to the Historic Preservation Commmittee of Christ Lutheran Church – Elizabethtown.


The Memorial Garden of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, is a sacred domain within the beautiful churchyard cemetery of our Parish. It is an historic and cherished landmark in Elizabethtown and welcomes reverent visitation, remembrance, and prayer. The Memorial Garden is dedicated for the interment of the sacred ashes of family members of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.
The garden consists of the following: A brick wall approximately 40 inches high that starts near the front of the garden and extends along the edge of the property. An entry arbor extending from the wall to the handicap ramp area Beautiful landscaping for the initial portion of the site. A Memorial Monument. Additional phases will include a gazebo, landscaping, walkways, and widening of the handicap ramp.
Persons Eligible
The Memorial Garden is intended for the use of members Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and their immediate families. The Rector may waive this requirement at his discretion. PLACEMENT OF ASHES
Interment of ashes shall comply with these rules adopted by the Memorial Garden Committee and Church Council. Records of the general location of sacred ashes will be kept in a church register. THE SACRED ASHES SHALL BE INTERNED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CHURCH’S MEMORIAL SERVICE and interred in the earth in the manner prescribed by the Memorial Garden Committee. OFFICIAL RECORDS
The Pastor’s office shall record the names, dates of birth, date of death, and the date of the interment of ashes. These records will be entered in the parish register where all vital historic information is preserved. ENGRAVED NAMES
The name of each person whose ashes are placed in the garden together with year of birth and year of death will be engraved on the Memorial Garden Monument. This monument will be the only marker permitted. Memorial Gifts may also be given to the church to provide other enduring remembrances of a loved on (consult the Memorial Committee of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania). The Memorial Garden of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania is church property and a noncommercial service. Lots are not sold and interment sites are neither boundaried nor marked in any way ‘ No deeds are issued. Those persons desiring to have their own sacred ashes or the sacred ashes of family members placed in the memorial garden shall make application on the forms available through the church office. The Church Council shall establish the fees. Respectively Submitted by the Memorial Garden Sub-Committee