BaSiX stands for “Brothers And Sisters In CHRIST.
It is a unique program that combines
fellowship and education
for the entire family.

Every Wednesday,
from the start of the school year until the week before Ash Wednesday,

join us at 6 p.m.

All ages enjoy a meal provided by a team of church volunteers.  During the meal, a theme will be explored. The theme may be a church holiday or festival; historical person within the church; or we may enjoy a visit from a special speaker.

After the meal, we separate by age for the second hour.  Children ages 4 through grade 5 divide the hour between choir practice and age appropriate bible study.  Grades 6 through 12 enjoy fellowship and a faith led discussion in the Luther Lodge.  Adults are invited to Pastor Domines’ weekly bible study in the church library.

We Kick off the 2017-2018 Season on September 6th!

This year’s theme is “Faces of the Reformation.”

In honor of the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting of his 95 Theses, setting off the Reformation in Germany, learn a little reformation history each week as we are introduced to integral people of the reformation besides Martin Luther.

In October we will learn about Hans and Margareth Luther, Pope Leo, and Jan Hus.