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Ongoing Support of Richard Sarkar and his work with refugees and people in need in his home country of Bangladesh and around the world.

Richard Sarker Report from Bangladesh
Dear Friends, New Years' greetings to you all. I hope and pray that all of us are ready to start a new year with hope and optimism. As you all know that I travelled Bangladesh at the end of November and returned home just in time to be with my family for Christmas. Travels to NJ and KY right after Christmas and new year took me little longer than usual to communicate with you earlier. But here I am.. The highlight of my visit was to travel to a neighboring Dhorer Bangla church as noted in the attached report. We wanted to make sure that we show our love and solidarity with these "UNTOUCHABLES' so that they realized that we are all equal as brothers and sisters who believe in Christ Jesus. We gave them little money to cook a meal for all of us who were visiting and have a meal together with everyone in the church. It was a wonderful and sobering experience! We have plans to evaluate our tailoring training program and the tutorial in next six months before we are able to plan to construct low cost sanitary latrines and tube wells for safe drinking water. We are hopeful to start a micro-credit program in order to assist the families to start small scale tailoring business when they complete training. Thank you so much for your prayers and generous support over the years. We are blessed and continue to bless others who we consider to be our neighbors. With warm regards, Richard Sarker